Top Amazing Things To Do In Kiev, Ukraine

Zitomirskaya kievUkraine’s capital is a mix of ancient and contemporary time. It’s a town rich in historical sites, green parklands, and vibrant highways. In fact, there are lots of places to see and visit in Kiev, that at times it is perplexing for traveler especially for the first timer to choose the starting point. Here is a short list of some amazing things to do in Kiev that will help you decide on where to start your tour in this beautiful capital of Ukraine.

Pray At St. Sophia Cathedral

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, this cathedral tops the most-visited lists of places in the city. It’s beautiful, serene and calm ambiance with an exceptional architectural attraction and an 11the century mosaic, there is no doubt that St. Sophia Cathedral tops all the lists.

Discover The Chernobyl Disaster at National Chernobyl Museum

The museum is dedicated to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. It exhibits a huge collection of artifacts, scale model, and other emblematic items intended to inform the people about many facets of the world’s worst nuclear accident.

Be Astonished By Miniatures At Mykola Siadristy

Mykola Siadistry holds the world’s smallest items such as a golden set of chess, books, mock windmill, and a lot more. You can find this museum at the place of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

Wander Along The Green Sight Of Kyiv’s Parks

Kyiv is certainly a green capital and has tons of wonderful parks for walking, cycling and jogging such as Khreshchatyj and Mariyinsky parks. Situated right next to Kyiv’s splendid Dnieper River, these two parks also have breathtaking architectural structures and landmarks (Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater, Maryinsky Palace and Lover’s Bridge).

Take A Photo On Maydan

It might not be the most gorgeous square, neither a place with marvelous landmarks, Maydan (Independence Square), still the center of Kyiv and Ukraine and a site with attractive statue symbolizing the Ukrainian Independence, cafe’s and beautiful fountains that is worth visiting.

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